Bio-Energy Healing Course

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Why Choose Bio-Energy Healing?

Powerful and Empowering

If you were inspired by Reiki, then let the Bio-Energy Healing course lead you to the next level of healing.

What will I learn in the BEHC?

Simple yet highly effective techniques that assist in the healing of emotional and spiritual wounds for example;

  • Remove negative energy from toxic relationships
  • Clearing negative entities
  • Balance yin/yang
  • Energising chakras
  • Connecting to Source
  • Psychic exercises
    and much more
What qualifications do I need?
  • A basic understanding of energy
  • Compassion
  • Love of humanity
  • A desire to do something valuable with your life
What will I get out of doing this course?
  • Strengthen your innate psychic abilities
  • Connection to the higher realms
  • Develop a strong sense of purpose
  • Gain confidence
  • Your own healing


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” If you have ever been blessed to cross paths with Lucy, you will appreciate the depth of knowledge, wisdom and, above all, the sincerity she exudes. The moment you meet and connect with the warmth of her eyes, you know she is someone rare & special.
It was over 20 years ago when I met the beautiful Lucy and experienced the power of her healing session and the relief of feeling a healing shift of energy on all levels. Participating in her group meditation sessions were pure delight and offered amazing spiritual insight.
But dearest to my heart, on a personal level, was the opportunity to partake in Lucy’s “The Essence of Spiritual Healing” course in 2010, that quite simply, changed my life.
It was a magical, practical and spiritually nourishing experience and Lucy navigated us through quite inspirational and challenging moments of spiritual discovery with loving patience, non-judgement and humour – Unforgettable! “

– Anna P, Doncaster

” Lucy is a beautiful warm soul whom I’d refer to as my ‘Angel’ every time I’d see her for a healing. She helped me get through many of my darkest days and gave me the strength in myself to see the light.
Forever grateful for her guidance! ”

– Rebecca S, Doncaster

” I was lucky enough to discover Lucy after the death of someone very dear to me. Lucy’s genuine empathy and kindness put me at ease straight away. I felt full of grief and completely overwhelmed, without the tools to repair myself or ability to feel a joy for every day living.
When I left an appointment with Lucy I felt lighter, calmer, relaxed and was better able to understand how I was feeling. Lucy taught me to be patient and kind with myself, showing me I needed to feel the stages of grief in order to get through them instead of running from them with frustration. I was full of confusion, hurt and sadness. Lucy gave me answers and perspective, introducing a little hope and understanding back into daily life again.
I’d happily recommend Lucy to anyone looking for healing. ”
– Ange, Melton