Bio-Energy Healing is the use of natural energy to create changes in your DNA



My techniques incorporate hands-on directing of energy through the body and subtle energy fields, visualisations and affirmations.

Bio-Energy healing work is non-denominational and is well-received by people from all walks of life and age groups. Love doesn’t discriminate.

Past patterns are released, to enable you to be fully in control, and create the best possible life for yourself and others around you. You may come to the session armed with “stuff” you wish to let go of, or you can let me intuitively uncover and release the root causes of your unhappiness.

It is important to have follow-up sessions (4-6 recommended) to sustain the changes, and to release more unwanted energy as it arises during the course of your daily life. This may take the form of painful memories resurfacing or incidents may occur which will direct us to the next phase of clearing.

What to Expect in a Session


What to Expect in a Follow-Up Session