I have been blessed with the gift of putting words together in a deep and meaningful way



If someone dear to you has passed, whose life you wish to honour, please let me know and we can arrange a meeting to discuss the details of their very special eulogy.

Come & share your love of them with me.

Service includes:

  • An initial consultation to ascertain your requirements and to understand the life of your loved one
  • Writing of the eulogy
  • Email correspondence for approval of eulogy
  • Presentation of eulogy

Sample Eulogy


I wish I could have saved you, from your torment and your pain
To watch you walk freely, in our midst again
To hold your child’s hand as she grew into a beauty
To guide and protect her, happy, doing your fatherly duty

I wish I could have saved you, for the sheer joy of living
That you were capable of feeling and capable of giving
You touched the hearts of many as you went on your merry way
Like a butterfly to flowers, you’d sometimes visit, sometimes stay

Your lust for life was infectious, you made the most of every day
And the world’s a sadder place that you can no longer be here
to play

Your mind was strong, as you tried to understand
What you may have done wrong, to be dealt such a tragic hand

But there is no right or wrong, my friend –
when you’re called you have to go
Why it had to be this way,
We may never know.

May you rest in peace until the time comes
When you play among the stars and dance around the sun
When we see you in our dreams, and for a fleeting moment feel
That you are with us once more, your hugs and laughter are real

I wish I could have saved you, dear P

In loving memory of a beautiful man